What is FlexVault?

FlexVault is a platform hosted by teamix GmbH that allows you local securing of backups in the event of a disaster – so-called backup-as-a-service – especially if you work with a NetApp storage system.

In order to ensure smooth operations, your company’s data should be accessible at all times. The event that data should be temporarily inaccessible could result in considerable company losses and possibly even threaten the existence of your firm – thus routine data security is of the utmost importance.

FlexVault will make sure your data security doesn’t become a game of chance!

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Awards and References

Over 250 clients in Germany and abroad – newspaper publishers, suppliers in the automotive industry and IT service providers, among others – have placed their trust in teamix GmbH. As the operator of FlexVault Cloud Services, the name teamix is a guarantee for security. Here are a few references from teamix clients:

Customer Feedback

» FlexVault was the right solution for our company to introduce a cost-efficient offsite backup in order to protect ourselves against on-site incidents. «

Stefan B., IT coordinator

» The quick and simple implementation in our existing storage setup made the swift and smooth introduction of FlexVault Backup at our company possible. «

Matthias R., storage administrator

» Monthly billing for actual usage enabled us to avoid high expenditures and we had a return on our investment after only three months! «

Dr. Jochen K., business manager

» We were initially very concerned about our internet connection, but a proof of concept convinced us that WAN-optimization and deduplication allows the line to carry more overnight than we originally thought. «

Christian G. - network administrator